Download T20 World cup schedule

4:53 AM

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Excited to Watch T20 Matches??? Download T20 World Cup 2010 Schedule

Chethan Thimmappa

Bangalore University Question Paper for 3000Rs

2:04 AM

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News9 has cracked a story.
News9 Proved Bangalore University is corrupt
News9 calls BU(Bangalore University) as Bluff University!
News9 catches the culprit who tried to sell the question papers for 3000rs.
Atleast 25 Papers were sold this Morning.
Very Unfortunate Incident.
This Is not the first Time!
Very Shameful to Know Bangalore University Question Papers are getting sold for 3000rs!

Bangalore University Question Paper Leak Issue

2 cases of h1n1 is confirmed in bangalore

8:00 PM

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Both had shown symptoms of FLU

Chethan Thimmappa

New restrictions imposed on the television advertising.

6:35 AM

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Ofcom today published details of significant restrictions intended to limit children’s exposure to television advertising of food and drink products high in fat, salt and sugar. Its conclusions follow extensive public consultation and a detailed programme of audience and focus group research, economic analysis and peer review of available scientific evidence.

After a detailed examination of consultation responses and all available evidence, and in light of its statutory duties, Ofcom has published the following measures:

* Ofcom has decided that one of its regulatory objectives is to reduce significantly the exposure of children under 16 to the advertising of food and drink products that are high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS).
* Ofcom will seek to achieve this by the most targeted and proportionate means possible, balancing this objective against its statutory duties to secure television programmes of high quality and wide appeal.

Chethan Thimmappa